Cocky Boy

Cocky Boy

This random guy came up 2 me on the street. Cat calling. “Oh baby”, He says. “I’d love 2 have some of that sweet ass”. Who wouldn’t? hahah I`m a super sexy bitch after all. He’s sort of cute but he needs 2 learn his place. He flirts, but He’s cocky. He asks me to touch his dick. He asks me 4 a handjob! hahah I laugh in his face. And then I think… hahah maybe I should teach him a lesson. I agree 2 give the prick a handjob back at my place. But he’s going to have 2 get it my way. This cocky boy is so stoked he’ll do anything I say. I cuff his hands above his head n start kicking his dick. I love seeing his genuine agony as what seemed like a little fun game turns out into a ballbusting kick-a-thon. I shriek with laughter as he tries 2 close his legs. He attempts to protect his balls but I entice him further by saying I will continue to rub his dick but if he cums he’s in 4 a world of trouble. He loves the feeling of my sweet hands rubbing his cock after slapping his balls so hard. He eggs me on. I tell him he would be wise not 2 cum. He can’t help himself he loves my fingers sliding over his hard cock. Eventually he lets go n starts 2 orgasm. He doesn’t care what I do to him. Besides what could be worse than having a kick in the balls at this point? When he finally does start to cum I squeeze his dick so hard that nothing comes out. He screams in agony as the cum is trapped inside his cock. I release n let it shoot out but u can barely see his load as I start 2 squeeze n furiously stroke his cock. He begs me to stop as I ruin his orgasm n abuse him after the fact. His poor sensitive dick is bright red. I slap his balls and kick him. He pleads. “Please”. I love it when they beg. That will teach him 2 be such a cocky jackass.

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Handjob, Kicking, Free, Bondage

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