Come Here, Ashtray!

Come Here, Ashtray!

#1 CLIP in category HUMAN ASHTRAY!

U may already know that the young Mistress Black diamoond is the embodiment of arrogance. “Ashtray, come here!”, she says with a dismissive voice and her slave enters the room. She looks down at him, at the heavy marks on his ass n she says: “Boy, your ass looks terrible!” and then she laughts at him because they both know that these marks are from an earlier whipping. The slave lights up her cigarette and as the arrogant girl looks down her her boots, he immediately starts to polish them with his tongue. What a powerful scene. She doesn’t need to say anything. He is trained perfect by the young goddess. From time 2 time he has to break and to come up with his head. He opens his mouth wide and Black diamoond drops the ash on his tongue. He has to clean it before he continues to lick her boots n while he is under her heels again and the mean lady enjoys her cigarette, she talks about all the cruel things she has already done to him with these boots…

Keywords: Female Domination, Sado-Ladies, Femdom, Smoking, Boots, Bootlicking, Cigarettes, Bootworship, Human Ashtray, Free, Boot Domination, Boot Fetish

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