Cosplay Bunny Chastity Tease & Milking

Cosplay Bunny Chastity Tease and Milking

Olga Snow is dressed in a sexy Wet Look Bunny Cosplay outfit with Shiny Pantyhose. She has Lance bound 2 the bed, where she has had him 4 a long time. His cock n balls are locked in a CB6000 chastity device, and Olga is going 2 have some fun driving him crazy…

She teases him sweetly and a little rough, playing with his locked up cock n balls while she rubs her body against his. She puts her feet in his mouth, on his cock, and makes him beg 4 release as his balls are filling up. Olga just giggles n struts away. “I’ll be back in a couple weeks…”

Olga returns 2 Lance. She has the key to his chastity device. It’s time 4 him 2 be milked, but she is going to drag this out as long as she can… He begs her 4 release as she brings him to the edge over and over, taking breaks 2 tease him with her body, or step on his cock with her pantyhose covered foot…

Finally she milks him all over her Wet Look outfit, then rubs his cum in his face, slaps him a little, kisses him on the cheek n leaves him still bound 2 the bed.

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