Couples Counseling Part 1

Couples Counseling Part 1

Rachel DD and Lance Hart are engaged, but they are having relationship problems. They have gone 2 see a couples councilor, Miss Dee, who has unorthodox methods 4 helping couples…

Miss Dee has uncovered that Rachel is not getting what she needs out of sex, and neither is Lance. Lance wants 2 have anal sex, and wants 2 cum in his fiancee’s mouth. Rachel wants Lance to go down on her more. Neither know how 2 ask 4 what they want. Miss Dee tells Rachel that she needs 2 empower herself. She obviously is frustrated with her relationship, and has a lot of pent up anger.

The 1-st phase of their therapy will be 2 help Rachel assert herself. Dee shows Rachel how to take the power in the relationship by kicking Lance in the nuts over n over. Dee encourages Rachel 2 tease him in between hard kicks, and helps by holding Lance up 2 take the abuse…

2 be continued…

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Nylons, Leotard, Bodysuit, Pantyhose, CBT, Tease And Denial, Free

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