Couples Counseling Part 2 Orgasm Denial

Couples Counseling Part 2 Orgasm Denial

This is phase two of Rachel n Lance’s couples counseling. Miss Dee needs 2 help them understand the importance of Rachel cumming before Lance does…

Dee pulls out a hitachi magic wand vibrator n tells the young couple that Rachel will cum as much as she wants, but Lance is NOT allowed 2. If he cums, Dee is going 2 cut his balls off. Rachel looks at her lover n tells him she thinks Dee may be serious…

Dee positions Lance’s hard cock between Rachel’s pantyhose covered, sexy as fuck thighs, and tells Rachel 2 squeeze his cock while she gets off. Lance is dieing from blue balls while Dee brings Rachel 2 huge orgasms, encouraging Lance 2 kiss her, plays with her perfect tits, suck on her nipples, and do anything he wants… except cum… or else…

Keywords: Femdom, Orgasm Denial, Female Orgasm, Leotard, Bodysuit, Pantyhose Domination, Pantyhose Humping, High Heels, Teasing, Emasculation Threats

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