CPL Wrestling – Mia, Pam, Bella – CMX-EI-92 Triple Torment and Torture

CPL Wrestling - Mia, Pam, Bella - CMX-EI-92 Triple Torment and Torture

Mia, Pam n Bella are all dressed in their black leather pants getting ready to dish out some serious punishment to their little wimpy victim, Chris. They all know that Chris HATES feet, and they use that against him in this clip. Chris is totally overpowered as the three girls toss him to the mats and all mount him. Each girl takes turns facesitting him, belittling and humiliating him, depriving him of much needed air, covering his nose n mouth with their super tight leather pants. Their weight on top of him literally takes its toll. Bella decides to rub her foot on his face as Pam grabs his throat so he can’t move. After a few minutes of foot tormenting from Bella, Pam intervenes as Bella kept Chris trapped in a headscissor. Pam tries to get Chris to eat her feet, then Mia as well. They continue to humiliate him, degrade him, and take away most of his dignity.

Bella is the ring leader in this clip, as she grabs a roll of duck tape, and binds Chris’s wrists together, bare skin n all. Bella has no remorse and leads the other girls to continue being cruel to Chris. Bella does the unthinkable now, as she spits in her hand wipes it all over Chris’s face, and in his mouth. Chris pleaded for her not to, but none of the girls care to listen to what he has to say. Bella now grabs Mia’s foot and forces it down Chris’s throat, gagging him. for their finale, Bella locks on a headscissor, and Pam goes in for a breast smother engulfing the wimps whole head n face in her tits. Finally, exhausted and beaten, Chris gives up to his dominatrices and they flex and pose over him.

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