Cruel Stepdaughters

Cruel Stepdaughters

Since he got married again, this old man’s life is a permanent nightmare because he now lives under the boots of his new wife’s devilish daughters. They use every opportunity to make him suffer, to dominate n humiliate him. Today they have him in the wooden rack again and the young ladies enter the hall. They walk arm in arm and they are dressed in outfits the old man can’t resist. Faye wears an ultra tight n short dress and Cloe wears skin tight jodhpurs. Both girls wear boots and hot blazers. All in black and they know that the old man would do everything for them if they are dressed like this. The cruel daughters start using their lighters to burn the hair on his chest. What a funny game. The more he struggles in pain the more they laught. After they have sensitised his skin this way, Cloe takes stinging-nettles and gives some to Faye. Both ladies wear gloves but their step fathers skin is defenseless. With a cruel smile on their faces the mean girls start to whip him all over his body…

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Sado-Ladies, Bondage, Humiliaion, Torture, Gloves, Nipple Play, Jodhpurs, Arrogan Woman, BDSM

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