Cuckold Gets Maid Outfit

Cuckold Gets Maid Outfit

I had a sit down talk with my cuckold and told him he needs 2 prove that he is more of a wimp n less of a threat 2 a real man in the house. I told the cuckold loser that when SIR comes home he needs 2 bend over n present his balls 2 him 4 kicking, LOL! Can u imaging the total degradation of presenting your balls 2 another man 4 kicking! That’s insane loser cuckold behavior. But I`m glad I had the talk with him because thinking up the most cruel things 2 do 2 a cuck is somehow very gratifying 2 me.

Well, what I didn’t expect that my boyfriend was going to walk in with a French maid’s outfit 4 the loser 2 wear! I couldn’t believe he was going to make our cuckold actually wear it! haha! Sir can be so evil it makes me wet. I think he knows how much it actually turns me on. Sir even wants this cuckold 2 start going out and sucking dicks 4 us to earn cash! LOL! I think the cuckold wouldn’t half mind orders to suck a dick from me because I am a girl… but I wonder how it feels 4 that to be a command of SIR. I hope this cuckold loser feels like twice the humiliated faggot 4 obeying a man 2 go suck off men, haha!

Featuring: Princess Carmela

Keywords: Femdom, Cuckold, Foot Worship, Humiliation, Forced Bi, Sissy Training

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