Cuckolded by a Bunny Girl

Cuckolded by a Bunny Girl

Your sexy cute girlfriend, Michelle Peters is dressed up in a slutty bunny costume. U`re locked in spiked chastity. She’s doing her make up and making u stay on your knees next 2 her while she gets ready to go out.

“How’s my ass look? Are those spikes digging in? I am gonna get dick-ed down tonight!”

She brings u into a room with dirty laundry n tells u to clean it up. “There’s other guys cum all over these clothes…”

Michelle is so horny thinking about all the cock she’s going 2 get tonight while u`re home in spiked chastity that she just has 2 masturbate. She grabs a vibrator n makes u watch her make herself cum, asking u if it hurts 2 watch while she pleasures herself.

“Come here n stick your face right in my ass…”

Keywords: Femdom POV, Cuckold Talk, Assworship, Pantyhose, Cosplay, Bunny Costume, Thong Bodysuit, Spiked Chastity Talk, Female Orgasm, Slut Talk

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9 min

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