Cuckoldress Cameron and Friends – JI – Crying Cuckold bobs for Toilet Paper in Pizz

Cuckoldress Cameron and Friends – JI – Crying Cuckold bobs for Toilet Paper in Pizz (720 HD)

Cuckold Marcello is worshiping Jenna Ivorys shoes. He confesses to her that hes worried Cuckoldress Cameron may have spent all his money while away on vacation. You have no money? Jenna asks, disgusted. Marcello admits that he has a little bit of money tucked away, but not much. Jenna is relieved to find that Marcello is not completely dried up. He has ample funds to carry him through the year. But Marcello is still worried. Hes afraid that Cameron may not actually like him. Jenna presents her shoe to be licked n Marcello continues worshiping. Marcello starts to cry when Jenna tells him that neither she nor Cameron like him. They like things about him, but they really dont like him. Hes pathetic. Jenna spits on his face while hes crying. She tells him that she likes using him as a toilet and ra*p*i-ng his wallet, but that nobody likes him as a person. Hes nobody. Jenna tells him to lick her ass. He does. This only confirms how pathetic he is. Jenna tells him that if he were to tomorrow, nobody would care so long as he had a will in place for her n her cousin Cameron. Jenna tells Marcello to further prove just how pathetic he is, shes going to take a piss in the toilet n make him bob for her toilet paper. Marcello bobs in the toilet for Jennas toilet paper and drinks her water from the bowl. Jenna holds his head in the bowl and gives him a swirly. Marcello lies on the cold bathroom floor n cries. This clip includes a Cuckoldress Cameron trailer introducing two other Toilet Humiliation features.

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