Cum on my tights if u can

Cum on my tights if u can

Mina wants 2 be nice to the slave, but not that nice. She’s going to give him a handjob, and lots of ball busting at the same time. She plays a little game where she starts counting her strokes on his cock, and eat stroke is a kick or knee that he’ll have 2 take. This gives the slave a lot of mixed feelings, because he desperately wants her 2 keep stroking, but as the count get’s higher, he knows it’s going to hurt really bad. In between kneeing n kicking n stroking, his balls are killing him n his cock is rock hard. She tells him that she wants him 2 cum on her legs, but as soon as he does she’s going to slap his balls harder than she’s ever done. He’s terrified but dieing to cum. As she hurts his balls more and more she says, “What’s wrong, u know your going 2 lose your balls anyway…?”

She drops him to his knees at one point n teases him with her as in his face

Mina finally milks his cum out all over her tights “I can’t wait 4 your to cum so I can smack your balls soooooooo hard :)”

and when she finally pull a huge load out, all over her legs, she smacks the hell out of his nuts and leaves him on his knees.

Keywords: Femdom, Handjob, Ballbusting

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