Cum Or Deportation

Cum Or Deportation

Ive decided 2 let this slave out of chastity – VERY breifly! – 4 a rare slave milking n guess what? It has been left locked up so long that I dont think it even knows how 2 get a hardon anymore! Haha! So I just shove my royal feet in its face 2 HUMILIATE it even more n DEMAND that it cum 4 me – or else it will be deported! I guess the added pressure of deportation was just too much 4 it. Poor thing. So I end up cutting it off after awhile n locking its WORTHLESS cock back up. Then I explain 2 it that I`m having it deported the next day – and KEEPING the key here in the good old US of A! Hanging around my ankle haha.

Any more of u foreigners want 2 come here 2 have YOUR worthless cock locked up – then get sent back 2 your country while I keep the key 2 your cock here with me?? LOL!

Queen Kasey

Keywords: Femdom, Masturbation Instruction, Chastity, Footworship, Humiliation

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