D!rty F00t L!ck3r Laugh3d At

D!rty F00t L!ck3r Laugh3d At

After a long day of enjoying champagne outside, me n my friend Princess Chanel got our beautiful feet EXTRA dirty 4 this loser 2 lick clean with his TONGUE haha! Chanel cant believe this pathetic foot freak actually enjoys licking dirt off the bottom of feet. But I explain 2 her that it is a PRIVILEGE since it was dirt that WE stepped on – and that is as close as he will ever get 2 being “with” us. LOL. And this weirdo really does suck and lick all the dirt from the bottom of our feet like its something 2 be proud of EWW WHAT A LOSER!! But we`re M3an G!r1s, so we deserve 2 have weirdos like this lick our feet till they are squeaky clean ;) what can we say? Princesss like us literally have slaves lining up 2 clean OUR feet!

Princess Cindi

Keywords: Femdom, Young Mistress, Princess Cindi, Foot Fetish, Footworship, Humiliation, Female Domination

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