Dacy Lynn Crushes Balls

Dacy Lynn Crushes Balls

Dacy is wearing a thong and fishnets, a bra n pigtails. She has some news 4 the slave. “I am going 2 crush your balls, and it’s going 2 be really painful….” “U know, if we’d just cut them off, u’d suffer a lot less……..”

She points her foot on one ball at a time n grinds her feet while she smiles n giggles n tries to convince him that Emasculation is a good thing 4 him. He moans and begs, but she continues to grind his balls with her sexy feet. “U should just Nut yourself, and we wouldn’t have go through all this…. :)”

This clip is half shot in POV so u can see what it’s like to have Dacy smile down at u and crush your testicles…. “Now I am going 2 crush one of your balls until it pops, and it will be your choice whether or not u want 2 keep the other one….:)

Awe.. Did it pop?” Watch Dacy look u in the eyes n smile n giggle while she ruptures one of your nuts with her fishnet covered foot

then kick u in the other ball n walk away shaking her sexy ass

Keywords: Femdom, Femdom POV, Ballbusting, Free

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