Dangerous Game

Dangerous Game

Before I send u the lengthy custom request I had in mind, I wanted to check if u would be interested in my idea. The idea 4 my custom would be similar 2 what u did in Black Widow but maybe more an interactive game. So u would tease me 2 make me weak n compliant – then when I was weak and compliant n desperate u would ask me if I wanted 2 play a game with u involving a plastic bag. If I want to play I have to obey the rules. The rules are – when u put the bag over my imaginary head, I have to put a plastic bag over my head. When u secure it around my imaginary neck – I do. When u take it off – I take it off, etc. But if u don’t take it off… Do I trust u? Do I want 2 play? Will I agree 2 the rules n beg to play? I’d like u to wear the latex dress u wore in Your Loss – My Gain n some tan stockings with no shoes. Use your feet 2 tease me n make me weak. Be soft, gentle n alluring n then turn and be vicious, cruel, psychotic n mocking.

Heather says put the bag on your head… now leave it there! I wonder how many times you’ll survive my game? In the end there will only be one winner.

As a fetish video – it is beyond even what I imagined. As a ‘play along game’ it is a sentence.

Keywords: Executrix, FemDom POV, Latex, Rubber Fetish, Nude Stockings, Tan Stockings, Plastic Bag, Foot Fetish, Games, Instructional, Toe Wiggling, Swearing

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