Date with a Cute Mistress Part 2

Date with a Cute Mistress Part 2

Now that Lance is naked, he asks Alice 2 please please be nice. She tells him 2 grab the lotion from behind the bondage wall. He starts 2 get excited, but she tells him that the only way he can get off, is if he jerks himself off while she’s kicking him in the balls.

He’s so horny he will do any 2 cum, so he desperately tries 2 get off while she is kneeing, kicking n squeezing his balls n laughing at him the whole time.

When he doesn’t think he will be able 2 cum, she grabs his hand n puts it on her perfect ass. She bends over in front of him n tells him 2 cum on her ass, but if he does, she’s going 2 knee him harder than ever right after.

Lance can’t help but continue 2 stroke, she keeps him so horny. But he’s scared of what 2 come after…. He quickly loses control n cums on her tights, so she turns around n knees him hard which drops him 2 the ground.

She bends over and smiles, “I like playing with u, I am going 2 keep u locked in here… don’t worry, I’ll be back in a couple days…”

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Kicking, Ball Squeezing, Young Mistress

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