Dava Fucks a Construction Worker

Dava Fucks a Construction Worker

Dava Foxx is on a porn set about 2 work when she gets a call telling her that her shoot is canceled. This won’t do. She’s really horny, and came there 2 fuck…

Dava notices a construction guy working on the set and doesn’t waste any time getting his cock out of his pants. She takes control n gets him 2 fck her against the scaffolding. Then she drags him by his hard cock across the set so she can get fucked on her back.

Her pussy has the construction guy mesmerized. She gets up and sits on his hard cock, gyrating her perfect ass against his pelvis with his cock engulfed in her wet pussy. He’s about 2 explode when she gets up and grabs him by the balls,

“U can’t cum yet!” She explains that in order 4 her to let him cum, he’s going to have 2 jump through a lot of hoops. He doesn’t quite understand, but he’ll do anything 4 release at this point. Dava edges him a couple more times with her pussy, stopping 2 squeeze his balls 2 keep him from cumming each time.

Finally she tells him she’ll be right back. He’s bewildered with his pants around his ankles n aching blue balls, waiting 4 whatever she has in store 4 him next.

Dava returns 2 the bewildered n blue balled construction worker with a big strap-on, thigh high nylons n high heels in her hands. She struts up 2 him wearing a tight red one-piece thong outfit with red fishnets.

She explains that she was supposed 2 fuck a girl with a strap-on in her scene today, and she’s not leaving until that’s done. With the scene canceled and no girl 2 fck, he’s going to have 2 fill in…

He will do anything 4 release at this point after she brought him to the edge so many times with her perfect pussy. He puts on the thigh highs n heels 4 her and reluctantly bends over to take her strap-on cock.

Dava loves that she has this power over men. She can get them to do anything, including her favorite thing of all, letting her own their asses with her strap-on. She fucks him slow at first, seducing him into becoming a sissy slut 4 her. His raging boner can’t lie. She knows she has him.

She fucks him from behind, then on his back. Dava makes him beg 2 cum as she slowly strokes his raging hard on while her strap-on cock is deep inside him. Finally she lets him explode all over himself, and of course she feeds him his own cum before strutting away.

Keywords: Femdom, Strapon, Teasing, Handjob

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