Dava Makes Sadie Snowball Lance

Dava Makes Sadie Snowball Lance

Sadie n Lance are about 2 hook up in Sadie’s apartment. Lance starts 2 go down on Sadie, when Dava walks in on them. They thought she’d be home later. Dava doesn’t stop them, she starts telling Lance how 2 eat pussy right…

Dava tells Sadie 2 sit on her boyfriend’s face until she cums. She encourages her 2 use him. After Sadie cums from riding his face (and playing with Dava’s tits) she decides she needs 2 be a good girl n give her boyfriend a blowjob. Dava stays 2 watch. As Lance is about 2 cum, Dava giggles n tells Sadie she should spit his cum back in his mouth.

Lance protests, but Sadie just shuts him up n sucks the cum out of his dick, then spits it right in his mouth. The girls giggle as they send him away.

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