Demon Cum Corruption

Demon Cum Corruption

Dava Foxx is a Demon who loves 2 corrupt Angels like Lance Hart. If an Angel has impure thoughts, she summons them 2 her world. If she can make them cum while there, they are corrupted into her perverted sex minions 4 eternity, which she sends out 2 tease more Angels 4 her.

Dava has already corrupted Sadie Holmes, who previously teased Lance Hart into impurity. Now his fate is in their hands…

While Lance tries not 2 cum, Dava and Sadies pussies n mouths are too much 4 him. When he finally submits n says he will join them, they giggle n continue 2 edge him until they finally milk a huge load of cum from him all over Dava’s fishnets.

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13 min

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