Destroy Your Sacred Text, Cum On It, And Flush It Down The Toilet

Destroy Your Sacred Text, Cum On It, And Flush It Down The Toilet

I`m your new religion. If u bought this, youre already committed 2 me. You already know that Im perfect, gorgeous n devious n deserve to be worshipped. I deserve your devotion n adoration. But the fact that you know this isnt enough, I want proof. I want u 2 take that next step to commit to me n only me. So I want you to go get your holiest book, a bible, a koran, the old testament, whatever, and I want u 2 start ripping out the pages. Rip them out one by one as u stare at me, your new religion. Destroy that book for me, your new God.

Show me how devoted u`re to me. Stare at my beauty as you desecrate that sacred text. I`m a cruel living Dominatrix n u worship me. You dont need that old bull$.h.!.t religion anymore now that you found me. I`m the only God u`ll worship from now on. Keep destroying that book as I tease you with my sexy body. Isnt it so much better than that stupid book? Were going to destroy your old religion so you can fully commit to your new one. I know u wanna prove to me how committed u`re 2 me.

And you have to do it because I`m your God now and you must obey me. Let all of your old beliefs go each time u tear out a page. So that now u can accept me into your heart. But I am not going to save you like your old God, I am going 2 drag u down to the depths where you belong, wasting away. Thats what u want and u are going to love every minute of it.

Now u are not finished proving your devotion. Once you have all those pages ripped out, I want you to go 2 the toilet n begin dropping them in one by one, watch each page get wet and ruined with your old Gods name. Is this giving u a rush? But dont flush them down yet. You need to do one further act 4 me.

I want u to grab your dick n jerk off for me, your new God, over the toilet. Ill bet u got hard just ripping out those pages. Dont lie to me, I am God, I know. And now u are going to cum on all those pages, u are going to cum on the sacred text of your old religion. Do it and accept me into your heart. Show me how much you worship me. Now flush it all away. I`m your God now. Look at what youve just done for me, u know its true.

Hellen Roxx

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