Dommess Ballbusting The Fan Boy Starring Lydia Supremacy

Dommess Ballbusting The Fan Boy Starring Lydia Supremacy

We`re excited 2 announce the addition of highly renowned Goddess Lydia Supremacy 2 our stores! Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, Lydia is a no-nonsense, hard core professional Domina who loves 2 put weak, pathetic white boys in their proper place of servitude. Watch 4 several clips featuring Lydia Supremacy in the coming months! When a fan boy/wannabe slave fails to buy his Mistress proper concert tickets n back stage passes 4 her favorite metal band, Dommess Lydia Supremacy is one angry heavy metal bitch. He had the gall 2 buy cheap ass, nose bleed seats for a true Superior Asian Dommess? Really??? Its fucking embarrassing that such a Dommess should have to sit with mere peasants. After the concert, Lydia decides 2 take out her disappointment n frustration on her fan boys private parts, using her magnificent heavy metal boots with steel sole, Six steel stiletto heel, and razor sharp steel spikes. In a word, these boots are lethal. And this asshole is about 2 have his nuts pulverized by one pissed off Mistress. Using her boots like an assault weapon, Lydia viciously kicks, stomps, crushes, and stabs this assholes cock n ball sack over n over again, until he is begging forgiveness. But his transgression will not be so easily forgiven. He is going to pay n pay & pay with his pain and suffering beneath her switchblade like boot heels. Her stilettos are so thin and razor sharp, she can easily pierce right through his fragile ball sack, if she chose to put her full weight down upon him. But she will spare him another day, as another concert is on the horizon n she will put him to the test one last time. And if he fucks up again, these boots are going 2 crush his testicles like a walnut.

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