Door Dick Cuckold

Door Dick Cuckold

U`re going 2 sit here by the front door all night while we go shopping with YOUR money. I know we usually have u cleaning toilets while we`re gone but today I have something special 4 u. It’s a “Door Dick”! Yup, u`re going to have to keep your cuck-lips on this dildo until we get back. My Boyfriend is going to keep an eye on u with the security cameras (they send a live feed to his smartphone!) to make sure u`re on it the whole time. I think he actually wants to see u cheat because he thinks its funny 2 beat on u, haha!

And guess what else we have tied 2 Our smartphones now? Your shock collar! LOL! So we can pass the phone back n forth n send u electric shocks while we`re out shopping n maxing out your credit cards! But u better not take your lips off that cock! (Even if we shock u on “15” and just HOLD it there! LOL!) So We can SHOCK u with one phone n watch u on the security cameras with the other! ALL while we`re out spending YOUR money!! And don’t u DARE try to take it off! If u do (without US officially “disengaging” it from OUR phones using our secret security pincode) it will send a LETHAL shock directly into your neck LOL! HAHA this is going to be GREAT!

Now, if u`re a good wimp cuckold and get BALLS-DEEP on that cock by the time we get back I will reward u by beating u myself instead of having my BF do it, OK? U would prefer that, right??? After I just spent all your money… I come home n kick u in the balls over n over n stomp all over u in my stiletto heels? I know u will love it! (It will at least be better than getting punched in the face by my muscular boyfriend, right??)

And, I`m going to know how much you love going balls deep on that Door Dick by the size of the pool of drool on the floor beneath it. I will even throw in a BONUS reward 4 u by stepping in your puddle of drool with my dirty high heels before I make u slurp it up and drink it up, OK? Well, bye-bye loser- we are off 2 get me some new dresses and a Tux for my man… with YOUR money!

Princess Carmela

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