Double Dom Milking onto Pantyhose Before Neutering

Double Dom Milking onto Pantyhose Before Neutering

Catherine Foxxx n Amazon Mistress Victoria Sapphire have a slave that needs neutering. Before his Emasculation, they have 2 drain his balls, and because they are kind, they are going 2 let him cum on their pantyhose.

They rub their sexy pantyhose covered legs against him as they discuss his imminent Emasculation. Taking turns 2 milk him, they tell him all about how he’s about 2 lose his manhood forever, as soon as he cums.

To make it a fun game 4 them, they’ve decided that whoever makes him cum, gets 2 do the cutting. They are both eager to win, and be the one who gets 2 Nut him.

Catherine pulls her top down 2 show him her perfect tits. Soon he will be a eunuch and won’t be able 2 appreciate them at all. V1ct0r1a Sapph1re wraps her long pantyhose covered legs around his dick before he cums, squeezing it, talking about cutting his dick n balls off until he cums all over her pantyhose. They giggle, and talk about the process of Emasculation before they leave him 2 await his fate.

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