Double Team Tease n Torment

Double Team Tease n Torment

Katja n Sarah drag the slave into the room by his balls. “What should we do with him?” They take turns kneeing him in the balls while the other one holds him. They love getting him horny before they abuse his balls, so they do a great job teasing him in between knees. Then they get him on the couch. Sarah straddles his face while Katja pulls out a really powerful vibrator and takes turns between pleasing herself n tormenting his balls. “Do u like having us on top of u like this? U like her pussy on your face like that?” Katja straddles his cock n teasing him into a full erection while Sarah uses the vibrator on her pussy just inches from his face, then she smacks the hell out of his balls. He moans n groans, and every time he starts 2 enjoy something they smack, squeeze or knee his balls

“How does it feel to have two girls on top of u that u can’t ever fuck?” “Look her beautiful titties, u wish u could touch them don’t u……..” Sarah brings herself to orgasm sight on top of his face then passes the vibrator back 2 Katja and starts slapping his balls again

“Don’t u wish she was riding your dick right now? [knee]” Katja gets extra cruel and uses the vibrator on the tip of his dick, then stretches her long legs n high heels across his body

The get him to the point wear he’s about to cum in his boxer briefs, then Katja sits right on the head of his dick with the vibrator between her pussy and his dick head while he moans in agony

Katja hold his legs wide spread while Sarah slaps his balls hard

“Look at that ass that u can’t have :)”

“The more u suffer the more fun I am having

When their done tormenting him, they get up 2 go play with each other “Enjoy your blue balls :)”

Keywords: Femdom, Teasing, Facesitting, Ballbusting

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