Dr. Psych0 n her cruel h0bby

Dr. Psych0 n her cruel h0bby

Dr. Psych0 is the well-known alter ego of MC, a beautiful n sadistic expert who specializes in correcting the inappropriate sexual behaviour of males. Using her beauty n natural dominance the doctor decides that the patient requires a medical examination n correctional treatment the focus of which will be his cock n balls… and it will be very painful… very painful indeed.

Dressed in a stunning leather skirt, corset, seamed stockings n high heels Dr. Psycho decides it is time 2 release her patient from his dungeon cage where she has locked him away with his cock n balls very tightly bound. After amusing herself with some very painful CBT paying particular attention 2 his urethra he is released from the cage but only 2 be fitted with strait jacket n made completely immobile in the medical examination chair. Once secured n helpless her fun can begin with nose hooks, gags n nipple clamps. Dr. Psycho likes 2 play very hard n soon begins 2 enjoy herself with a penis plug dilator before moving on 2 a urethral stretcher n the Wartenberg wheel. As her patient writhes in agony an electric penis collar is also attached n her cruel nails get 2 work and he is brought 2 a long n painful orgasm before being left immobile in the examination chair.

Keywords: Femdom, MC, CBT, Torture, Bondage, Nylon, Stockings, High Heels

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