Draining The Prisoner – The Hunteress [Sado-Ladies]

Draining The Prisoner - The Hunteress [Sado-Ladies]

“I`m going to have some fun with u!”, the Hunteress says as she opens the door and enters the cage where the prisoner is jailed now for several days. “Maybe u fill have some fun too!”, the lady says but her mean smile speaks another language. The Hunteress wears skin tight leggins, amazing high heels and a red rubber top. She looks hot and the prisoner’s dick immediately grows up. He knows that she will milk him again but he can’t deny. Especially that the Hunteress sits on his face now n orders him to lick her ass, is such a turn on for him. And when he feels her fingers stroking his dick it will only takes a minute to cum. The Hunteress reminds him that he need to ask for permission 2 cum and he knows that she will use this information to ruin his orgasm. She will take off her hands n his orgasm will be pain and frustration. And the mean lady will sit on his face n smile devilish…

Keywords: Female Domination, Femdom, Sado-Ladies, Free, Gloves, Ruined Orgasm, Forced Orgasm, Handjob, Facesitting, Forced Male Orgasm, Face Sitting, Forced Ejaculations, Hunteress

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