Dre n Luminous Are Gonna Fuck U

Dre n Luminous Are Gonna Fuck U

U walked in on a steaming hot lap dance. Luminous is grinding on Dre Hazel. Luminous is wearing a tight leotard, shiny tights n high heels. Dre is wearing a tight mini dress, black pantyhose n heels.

They notice u looking at them. They are really horny already from the lap dance. Now u`re fucked.

They grab strap-ons. “Oh, u though you were gonna get our pussies?” They tell u your dick is too small 4 them. Their fake dicks are much bigger. They only need u 4 amusement. They are going 2 fck u, at the same time. One in your mouth, one deep in your ass. Then both in your ass 4 double penetration, just 2 hear u squeal like a girl, until they put a ball gag in your mouth.

This will be taped, and they will ruin u while they giggle.

Keywords: Femdom POV, Strapon, Teasing, Free

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