Easy Blackmail With Cindi (1080 HD)

Easy Blackmail With Cindi (1080 HD)

U are craving My control, aren’t u? U want to give in completely, don’t you? But I know it’s hard… u are scared. How can something as simple as just sending Me a i little bit of information be such an internal conflict 4 u? You KNOW it will feel good when you finally submit to Me… So today, I am going to take that one single little ounce of self-control that you have left – and DESTROY it. Haha. That tiny part of u that is still holding back is going to finally give in. Because we both know u can’t stare at My perfection on your screen n not do exactly what I say. We are going to start nice n easy today. Just a tiiiiiny little bit of information…

Princess Cindi

Keywords: Female Domination, Femdom POV, Blackmail, Blackmail Fantasy, Young Mistress, Princess Cindi, Humiliation, POV, Cock Worship, Female Supremacy, Free

545 mb
6 min

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