Eat Our Cigarettes Wimp

Eat Our Cigarettes Wimp

This cuckold slave is really the lowest of the low. He has 2 sit there while I reject him utterly n blow smoke in his face. To top it all off, my boyfriend does too! hahaha! What a total loser… no real man would ever even be in a video like this! The fact that my boyfriend has the idea 2 put his lit cigarette out on his tongue is sooo hot! Only a total coward n wimp would let another man do that 2 him! Of course After I finished ashing in the cucks mouth I also put my cherry out on his tongue. But then the real fun begins… We make him eat the butts off the ground. He chokes, heaves n then we make him eat what he just spit out. This is real choking on out butts, haha!

Featuring: Princess Carmela

Keywords: Femdom, Cuckold, Smoking, Humiliation, Forced Bi, Human Ashtray

697 mb
7 min

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