Electric Boogaloo Birthday

Electric Boogaloo Birthday

This was by far one of the funniest clips we shot while I was in Vegas. This loser couldnt take all of our ballkicks (he took a lot, but of course we eventually broke him!) so I decide 2 strap a ballshocker on him as further punishment 4 him! (And further entertainment 4 US!) My friends have never seen one of these things before – but one push of a button and they are literally ROLLING with laughter! (Whenever a slaves nuts gets electrocuted, it is just always hilarious 4 some reason) Eventually this loser is just WISHING we were still kicking him in the nuts haha!! And its Princess Kendalls birthday, so we make the loser sing Happy Birthday 2 her WHILE we`re sending shocks 2 his nuts!! It is SO funny the way she makes him scream throughout the songhaha!!!

Domina Rodea

Keywords: Femdom, Electric Play, CBT, Human Furniture, Brat Girls, Humiliation

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11 min

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