Ella Kross – Bringing Him to the Edge, Ruining His Orgasm, and Milking Him!

Ella Kross – Bringing Him to the Edge, Ruining His Orgasm, and Milking Him!

As this loser stands naked before me, I inform him that I am going to be teasing him with my perfect body and waste no time making good on my word. I pull my top down, exposing my bare breasts, and his cock begins to get hard at the sight of them. I take his big dick in my hand, stroking him gently at 1st but picking up the pace until he’s dying to cum. I take him to the edge but refuse to let him orgasm and drive him crazy in the process. His full balls are aching to explode, but I repeatedly deny them the opportunity while smiling in cruel pleasure. I hold my mouth so close to his dick that he can feel my warm breath on his tip and tease him by licking my lips. He’s so horny he just wants to shoot a giant load but I won’t let him just yet. I bring him to the edge of orgasm over n over again, and when I finally do allow him to cum I ruin it for him by taking my hand off his cock n refusing to touch him as he shoots his seed all over the floor. He’s barely finished cumming when I grab hold of his dick again and begin stroking furiously until he cums one more time. His cock and balls scream in pain as I milk him, tugging his dick as hard and fast as I can until his balls are so drained he can barely stand. The floor is drenched in his cum and I laugh at the agony he’s in!

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