Ella Kross – Drink Every Drop of My Warm Piss!

Ella Kross – Drink Every Drop of My Warm Piss!

I am going to pee in your fucking mouth, and you are going to drink every single drop, you understand me? Get ready and open your mouth wide, because I really have to piss and you are going to swallow it all. Watch my hot pussy as it pours a golden river all over your face n down your throat, and enjoy the taste as it fills up your stomach. When I am finally done pissing, I am going to put your tongue to work by making you lick my pussy clean! You won’t believe how much pee I have in me. When I told you I really have to go, I definitely wasn’t kidding! I hope you are thirsty, because you are going to drink all of this warm piss right here in my back yard. I should bottle my pee and sell it under the name “Goddess Juice.” You know you’d buy it!

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