Ella Kross – Jumping on his Face with My Ass!

Ella Kross – Jumping on his Face with My Ass!

I’ve tied this slave to my outdoor patio sofa, and with his arms secured above his head he’s now completely defenseless. He says he’s happy to see me, but I doubt he will be much longer! Taking a seat on his face, I smother him with my crotch as I bounce up n down and control his breathing with my perfect ass. I suffocate him with my bottom, grinding it into him as he fights for air beneath me, and it’s up to me whether or not he’ll get any oxygen. “Put your nose in my asshole and sniff it!” I demand as I fuck his face with my gorgeous behind. I let him breathe long enough to thank me, then plant my ass back on his face and continue to cruelly smother the jerk. “Did you enjoy that?” I ask when I finally allow him to get some air. I make him kiss my ass n leave him tied up on the patio sofa!

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