Ella Kross – Smothering My Slave’s Face with My Ass!

Ella Kross – Smothering My Slave’s Face with My Ass!

Today I am going to punish my slave by sitting on his lazy, disgusting face. He did a terrible job cleaning my house earlier, and that’s just not acceptable! As he lays naked in my back yard, I make good on my threat by squatting over him n smothering him with my amazing ass. I decide whether or not he gets to breathe as he fights for air beneath me. “Sniff my ass!” I demand as I gyrate my hips into him. My skimpy denim shorts show off my amazing legs and spectacular bottom as I continue smothering this fat loser, riding his face and depriving him of precious oxygen. “Do u understand your mistake now?” as I ask as I bounce up n down, but I can’t hear his muffled reply with my weight crushing down on him!

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