Emasculated by your Hot Boss

Emasculated by your Hot Boss

U have a really sexy boss. She called u into her office. She’s wearing a short skirt and a blouse that shows her cleavage.

She tells u she is firing u, then laughs in ur face. She crosses n uncrosses her sexy long legs while she degrades u 4 not being worth keeping.

“I do love it when men like u beg… Do u really want to stay here?”

She continues 2 tease u with her legs, knowing she has u right where she wants u.

“There’s one way I’ll keep u around. It might even improve ur performance… u can keep ur job, if I can take ur balls…”

“u aren’t getting laid anyway… This will help u focus more on ur work…”

She has u on ur knees, begging her to emasculate u just to keep ur job. She smiles with glee when u agree to let her destroy ur manhood. She spreads her legs wide to show u what u surely will never have now. Then she spends a love time talking about the different terrible n painful ways she’s going to do it, teasing u with her body the whole time.

Her favorite idea is to invite all the women in ur office to take turns stomping on ur balls and laughing at u…

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