Emasculation Chariot

Castration Chariot

This was hilarious. B311a n I were on one side of M and needed 2 get aa111 the way 2 the other side. But we didnt feel like walking! So we decided 2 hook up one of the slaves 2 our Castration Chariot! LOL (We call it that because its connected 2 the slaves BALLS – and if the slave pulls hard enough lol!)

2 be honest, this is really just kind of a behind-the-scenes clip that shows us just having fun n laughing at the slaves expense. U can see all the lights up in the background n sh!t cuz its a filming day 4 us and we make its loser ass pull us all throughout the M – even outside! Haha. The best part is when it runs over like some thick carpeting or something and our chariot gets stuck (with BOTH of us on the chariot of course – cuz we dont give a fuck about how hard it is 4 the slave lol.) and the slave cant pull it anymore – and we just whip the fck out of it! Haha. So it has a choice of pulling us over the obstacle, orripping his balls off in the process! LOL

It really is SOOO much fun being a mean girl! :)


Keywords: Femdom, CBT, Carmela, Bella, Whipping, Humiliation

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10 min

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