Emasculatrix Edges & Slaps Balls till He Begs

Emasculatrix Edges & Slaps Balls till He Begs

Sarah Diavola is a professional emasculatrix. Lance was sent 2 her by his wife. He is bound 2 her medical chair. Only one thing remains before Sarah can start working on removing his manhood. She needs his “consent.”

Sarah knows exactly how to get what she needs. She starts 2 stroke his cock, and just barely rub her perfect big tits against him. Her tight latex nurse uniform and nylons quickly arouse Lance, filling his balls with cum. That’s when she slaps his nuts hard and explains the situation:

“We can take as long as u like. All day if we have 2. I just need u 2 beg me 2 take your balls. U`ll beg me. Eventually. I’ll just keep u on the edge of cumming, and keep slapping your sensitive balls until u do…”

At 1st Lance resists as much as he can. She bring him to the edge multiple times, then immediately slaps his balls until he screams. Every time his pre-cum starts 2 leak out, she makes him lick it from her latex gloved finger.

Eventually he does break. He begs her 2 take his balls, just to get release, and stop the agony. She quickly strokes his cock until he cums 4 the last time…

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