Emasculatrix Lesbo Lovers Part 1

Emasculatrix Lesbo Lovers Part 1

Vanessa Vixon walks a gagged naked man into the room holding a string tied around his balls. She yanks him over 2 her lover, Cory Chase, and explains that this is her ex-boyfriend, who will not be needing his balls anymore…

The two sexy evil ladies are very turned on by the idea of ending his manhood together, and they want 2 drag the process out, so they tease him. They want him 2 experience blue balls one last time. Vanessa sits on his face n makes him breath in her pussy n ass, which he will never have again, while Cory slaps his balls and makes out with her. Vanessa even lubes up his cock n plays with it 2 make sure he is fully hard.

Everytime he gets on the edge of cumming, Vanessa lets go of his cock n Cory slaps his balls harder.

Cory n Vanessa get so turned on, they leave him to go have fun together. They will be back 2 take his balls…

2 be continued…

Keywords: Femdom, Emasculation Talk, Pantyhose, Mini Skirts, Lesbian Kissing, CBT, Ball Slapping, Blue Balls

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