Emasculatrix Vanessa Loves Her Job Part 1

Emasculatrix Vanessa Loves Her Job Part 1

Vanessa Vixon is a professional Emasculatrix and she has been hired to remove Lance’s balls because he is a chronic masturbating pervert…

She shows up 2 his apartment n walks in on him jerking off. “Oh don’t stop…” she says, she loves exploiting men 4 their perversions, and she loves being the last woman 2 ever turn them on before she removes their manhood.

Vanessa orders him 2 keep stroking his cock, no matter what she does, then kicks him hard in the nuts, dropping him to the ground. She giggles, grabs his balls, squeezes hard n tells him 2 keep stroking…

She smothers his face with her ass, slaps n squeezes his balls, drives her heel into them, and does not let him stop stroking, until she leaves him on the ground, still stroking his cock in agony. “U`re not allowed 2 cum, but u have 2 keep your self on edge until I return…”

2 be continued…

Keywords: Emasculation Talk, Ball Slapping, Balls Squeezing, Jerk Off Instruction, Facesitting, Shiny Pantyhose, High Heels, Big Tits, Giggling, Teasing, Orgasm Control

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