Emasculatrix Vanessa Loves Her Job

Emasculatrix Vanessa Loves Her Job

Vanessa Vixon is a professional Emasculatrix and she has been hired 2 remove Lance’s balls because he is a chronic masturbating pervert…

She shows up to his apartment and walks in on him jerking off. “Oh don’t stop…” she says, she loves exploiting men 4 their perversions, and she loves being the last woman 2 ever turn them on before she removes their manhood.

Vanessa orders him 2 keep stroking his cock, no matter what she does, then kicks him hard in the nuts, dropping him 2 the ground. She giggles, grabs his balls, squeezes hard and tells him 2 keep stroking…

She smothers his face with her ass, slaps n squeezes his balls, drives her heel into them, and does not let him stop stroking, until she leaves him on the ground, still stroking his cock in agony. “U`re not allowed 2 cum, but u have 2 keep your self on edge until I return…”

Vanessa returns 2 Lance, now wearing a tight high cut leotard, shiny tights, and heels. Lance is still jerking off naked on the floor. He has kept himself on edge, like she told him, because he will do anything 2 keep his balls just a little longer.

But Vanessa has a job 2 do. She is there to destroy his balls, in the most drawn out and painful way possible. She loves it.

Vanessa teases him, giving him specific instructions on how 2 jerk his cock while she slaps n squeezes his balls, sits on his face, teases him with her body… She slaps his cock hard, talks sweetly about the different ways she might destroy his balls when the time cums, then leaves him again, ordered 2 stay on edge with extremely full balls…

Vanessa returns to Lance 2 finish her job. She has been keeping him on edge 4 a long time, knowing that as soon as she finally lets him cum, she will be taking his balls, and taking her time with that as well…

She told Lance 2 keep stroking his cock while he waited 4 her. She struts up to him in her shiny leotard, black pantyhose, and high heels. Vanessa slaps n squeezes his balls while he jerks off to her, then sits on his face n grabs his throbbing hard cock with both hands, talking about the different ways she is thinking about taking his balls after she lets him release.

She makes him fuck her pantyhose covered legs, giggling at how abrasive it must be on his raw hard cock, and when his is about 2 cum, she spreads her legs wide n teases him.

Finally she tells him 2 cum and milks him until he explodes all over her pantyhose. She smiles n starts 2 drive her high heel into one of his balls.

Keywords: Femdom, Teasing, Handjob, Facesitting

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