Engaged 2 a Ballbusting Tease Part 1

Engaged 2 a Ballbusting Tease Part 1

This clips picks up on the same storyline as “Hot Little Student,” a few weeks after Olivia convinced her martial arts instructor 2 propose 2 her by breaking his balls n implying that he’d eventually get laid…

Now they are getting ready 4 an engagement dinner, and they are arguing. Olivia gets sick of the argument pretty quick, and kicks Derek in the nuts. She’s half dressed, only wearing underwear n fishnets and a bra. (Which she looks terribly sexy in)

She commences 2 break his balls n talk sweetly to him, settling the argument in her own demented way… pinning him 2 the ground… wrapping her sexy fishnet covered thighs around his neck… slapping n kicking his balls… keeping is sexy n sweet the whole time.

Eventually he loses all his fight, and she ties him up 2 the wall to step up the teasing n consequences. She starts 2 lube up his dick, and brings him right 2 the edge of orgasm, just 2 leave him and come back. But when she returns, she doesn’t let him release, she just edges him again, then kicks him hard in the balls n leaves him tied up 2 suffer…

2 be continued…

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Edging, Wrestling, Fishnets, Tease And Denial, Orgasm Denial, Handjob

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12 min


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