Evil Daughter Plays with Prisoner – Part 1 & Part 2

Evil Daughter Plays with Prisoner - Part 1 & Part 2

Alice is the young hot daughter of an evil man, and when her daddy locks up men in his dungeon, she likes 2 sneak in and have fun with them while they are all tied up awaiting their doom. She loves 2 toy with men, to flirt with them, get them turned on, then torment them n watch them beg n squirm.

Lance is a captive, tied up naked, and when Alice walks in he doesn’t know what 2 expect, seeing such a sweet young girl. He begs her 2 untie him, but she just giggles n knees him in the balls. She loves sending mixed messages, teasing him with her sexy little body, then kneeing him harder.

She takes off her little dress n rubs up against him, making him hard n looking fucking hot in her spandex leggings and high heels. She loves the attention from a captive man, and especially loves kicking balls in her high heels, which she does brutally 2 Lance. If he were not tied 2 the wall, he would easily fall 2 the ground from her kicks, but she doesn’t care, she just keeps brutalizing him, reminding him that his life is going 2 be over soon anyway, so she might as well have her fun.

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Part 1: Free
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Part 2:

Evil Daughter Plays with Prisoner - Part 1 & Part 2

Alice grabs some lotion n tells Lance that he is really fucked. She is going 2 milk his cum out all over her spandex leggings, then let the maid find them, and tell her evil daddy that it’s Lance’s cum. After that, there will be no hope of a quick end 4 him, he will probably be Nutted slowly.

He begs her not 2, but it’s hopeless. She milks so sweetly, on her knees, then standing up with both hands (taking short breaks 2 kick him more in the balls just 4 fun) then finally milks a huge cum shot out on her leggings. “U`re in such deep now,” she smiles n walks away while Lanc3 moans on the wall.

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