Evil Daughters Torture the Captive

Evil Daughters Torture the Captive

Rene Phoenix and Roxi Rae are the evil daughter’s of an evil villain. They know their daddy has a man captive in the dungeon so they decide 2 have a little fun with him. He’s been awaiting some awful fate, but it just got worse…

The two teeny bopper daughters are curious about men’s bodies, and they don’t quite understand the idea of blue balls. They try all kinds of things to make his balls turn blue, including kicking, slapping, squeezing, n teasing them. They talk about the captive as if he isn’t even there while they giggle together n talk about maybe cutting his balls off. “Daddy isn’t going to let u go anyway, so wouldn’t u rather we cut your balls off then someone else…?”

They talk about the different fun ways they could cut his balls off n giggle at him for a while, and then Roxi starts to tease him by rubbing her sexy ass against him, followed immediately by Rene kicking him in the balls. They eventually leave him tied up 2 go look 4 something sharp to cut his balls off with.

Roxy n Rene are back 2 torment their daddy’s captive. Their wearing sexy teddies n pantyhose, and they came to abuse his balls some more. It’s no fun if he’s not hard, so Roxy grinds her sexy ass against him 1st, then they go to town with some kicks n knees, giggling the whole time. These girls are really twisted. “U can keep your balls n have them abused or we can just cut them off…. It’s up to u…”

Roxy n Rene are back in their daddy’s dungeon and they’re pleased to see that their favorite victim is still alive to be tormented.

This time, they want 2 tickle him into madness. They’re wearing sexy lingerie, Rene is topless, and they really get off on making him squirm.

Keywords: Ballbusting, Giggling, Ball Slapping, Emasculation Threats, Blue Balls, Tease And Denial, Bratty Girls, Femdom

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