Face Sitting Penis Pumper

Face Sitting Penis Pumper

Sara Diavola is wearing black pantyhose, a tight high cut leotard n heels. She pushes Miles Striker down on a bare bed and straddles him. She is clearly in control, but she is teasing him.

She spins around n smothers his face with her amazing ass in pantyhose. Sarah grips his balls hard n smiles when he screams into her ass. She teases him 4 a while like this, then she gets out the penis pump.

“I need a big strong cock, because I am a strong woman…” Sarah slides Mile’s cock into the penis pump while she smothers his face with her ass. He can’t protest, but it doesn’t even want to as he is mesmerized by her.

Sarah uses the penis pump 2 stretch and expand his cock to a size of her liking, then giggles n leaves him on the bed 4 her use later. She needs 2 make sure his cock grows over time…

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