Failing The Check Up

Failing The Check Up

U`re a doctor n the viewer is a patient in hospital. U`re dressed fairly normally, except 4 a latex skirt & bright pink or nude lips, really shiny. U walk into the room & move 2 the patients bedside n begin 2 ask a few questions, how does he feel, any pain anywhere n so on. U notice that the patient is looking at your skirt, and u ask him if he likes it, when he says he does u tease him a little, telling him it’s just a skirt n if he’s a pervert who likes latex he’s in 4 a treat. U then put on some rubber medical gloves and start 2 do the check up. U focus on his face, checking his eyes at 1-st (maybe shining a light into them if u have one, pretending 2 push back his eyelids n so on). U tell him he looks tired n that he might need 2 go 2 sleep soon. U ask him if he likes the way the gloves feel, and ask if he thinks u lipstick is too slutty 4 a doctor, however he answers u smile n say that maybe u are not a doctor. Then u move onto checking his mouth, u tell him 2 open wide, and then u proceed 2 check his teeth. U tell him 2 relax n that u know he is enjoying the feeling of the rubber n that it is okay 2 just enjoy it. U pretend 2 check the patient’s teeth, counting them up 2 thirty, then u count them back down from thirty, slowly & softly. When u’ve counted down from thirty the patient is in a trance. In his trance state u ask him again if he likes your skirt n your ass, and he says yes. U tell him 2 imagine kissing your ass in latex, and 2 help him imagine it u put your gloved hand over his mouth n pinch his nose. U keep whispering about your latex skirt, how it feels against his lips, teasing about how he’ll never kiss your lips. Then after a couple of minutes the screen fades out, the patient has expired.

Keywords: Femdom POV, Latex, Nurse Play, Gloves, Teasing

540 mb
13 min

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