Femwin – Eugenie – Dante Vs Eugenie 1

Femwin - Eugenie - Dante Vs Eugenie 1

Eugenie’s certainly one of the best newcomers we’ve ever seen! We actually told Dante to aggravate her and take whatever she gave, thinking that she would need to gain some confidence in her 1st match, however, we completely miscalculated the situation! Eugenie puts Dante down with an incredibly hard punch; about two sec after the match starts! She follows this up with just as punishing kicks and some extremely powerful scissors! Her attack went on for almost 20 minutes as she methodically delivered blow after blow mixed in with some brutal scissorholds. Ironically, Dante was aggravating her, us too, and Eugenie just kept hitting or squeezing him every time he opened his mouth! We’ve only included the first part of the match because there’s just relentless punishment and it’s a little too much to watch all at once.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Mixed Wrestling, Eugenie, Beatdowns, Scissor, Ball Abuse, Kicking, Ballbusting, Scissorhold, Balls Busting

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7 min

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