Five Hot Girl Trample

Five Hot Girl Trample

This slave is a fan of ours n wrote in saying he was traveling 2 LA and wanted to be trampled in our videos. Of course, we didnt believe him at 1st, but then he sent in his deposit! So then we actually took him seriously n booked him 4 a day we were shooting- and he actually showed up! (Of course he HAD 2 if he wanted 2 get his deposit back! LOL!) And we could tell how scared he was when he saw there were FIVE of us all ready 2 stomp on him in our STILETTOS! Including a couple of AMAZON! LOL So We made him sign his liability waiver in case we hurt him (hopefully! haha) and then dragged him into Our throne room where all took turns standing on him, walking on him and basically ignoring his suffering underneath us, haha! 1st one girl… Then two on him at a time. Then he started begging us 2 take it easy on him… But then we added the third girl at a time on him… and the fourth! Of course wearing our heels the whole time. Finally we actually got all Five Hot girls on him at the same time at the end of the video. (He could only take it 4 a little bit though!)

See what happens when u put your $ where your mouth is, slave?? U actually get to come 2 get abused by us in PERSON! ;) AND IF YOU THINK YOU CAN TAKE MORE THAN THIS SLAVE, U`RE MORE THAN WELCOME 2 COME HERE AND “SHOW US HOW ITS DONE” LOL!

FEATURING: Dommes Rodea, Princess Beverly, DommesNO, Amazon Mistress Harley, Taylor

Keywords: Trampling, Female Domination, Femdom, BDSM, Humiliation, Amazons

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11 min

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