Flicking Ashes On A Loser

Flicking Ashes On A Loser

What a loser, the only way he gets 2 sit next 2 us is kneeling & getting used as a human ashtray. It’s either that or we beat his ass in a pain clip, LOL! Dominatrix Nina Elle n I spit & ash on him while we`re chatting on a smoke break. He had 2 sit there while we contemplated his fate. Should we take him 2 Vegas with us 2 humiliate n abuse in public?? Hmmm, maybe, LOL! This dumb slave doesn’t know how lucky he is getting 2 kneel next 2 two of the hottest pornstars. I mean we`re sitting here in shiny black outfits n using him as our humiliated human furniture. Real men fuck us in videos n he kneels & gets humiliated n degraded. If u buy this video u`re not a real man either, LOL.

Dominatrix Raven Bay

Keywords: Smoking, Fetish, Human Ashtray, Humiliation, Female Domination, Brat Girls

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7 min

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