Flirting With A Ball Collector

Flirting With A Ball Collector

Lance is hanging out with Venessa Vixon between shoots. This is the 1st time they’ve really hung out. He wants 2 “have a little fun” with her while their waiting, and she’s game, but she’s real ballbuster, even off camera. She tells him that they can fool around, but only if he’ll let her abuse his balls “a little.”

At 1st Lance thinks she’s just a little freaky, but after she gets him naked, she mentions that she’s ruptured a few sets of testicles before, and this might get a little rough. She goes light on him at first, but definitely gets some really hard shots in there.

He’s horny enough to hang in there, and she isn’t messing around. Either she busts his balls, or he doesn’t get off. She teases him a little more, then grabs his nuts n makes him choose between more kicks or she crushes his balls in her hands…

In between the ball abuse, she encourages him 2 continue with sensual teasing, but mentions things like, “I might just take these balls home with me…” 2 fuck with his head even more.

As the ball busting continues, Venessa lets him know that most guys have made it through much worse before she eventually Nutted them…

She lets him touch her perfect tits, but squeezes his balls harder with every touch, fucking with his head… The game quickly changes once she has her foot on his balls. She’s going to bust his balls until he begs her to stop, but stopping means she’s going to cut his balls off!

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Emasculation Threats, Tease And Denial, Ballbusting Game, Shiny Pantyhose, Leotard, Tetty, Free

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