Foot & Ass Worship with Cadence

Foot & Ass Worship with Cadence

Cadence is wearing a tight short shiny mini skirt n tattered brown nylons with heels. She has long lycra black gloves on. Eric Brooks is on his knees beneath her. She let’s him worship up her skirt 4 a second, then shoves him on his back n puts her foot in his mouth.

Cadence clearly gets off 2 letting perverts worship her feet. She grinds one foot into his crotch n shoves the other in his mouth, teasing his cock through his slacks while he licks her foot.

She grabs him by the neck tie and orders him on his hands n knees 2 worship her ass up her skirt. She pulls him in closer with her feet behind his neck. Cadence keeps revving him up and eventually has both feet grinding his crotch while his face is deep in her ass up her skirt.

She stands over him and teases his boner through his pants one more time, then struts away leaving him in a blue ball daze behind her.

Cadence is now wearing bright blue yoga leggings and a bra. Eric falls 2 his knees and she shoves his face in her ass. She makes him worship her ass on all fours, then straddles his face n grinds & smothers him.

She lays on her stomach n pulls his head into her ass. He smacks her ass, and she responds by wrapping her bare feet behind his head and completely smothering his nose and mouth with her ass until she is satisfied.

Keywords: Femdom, Footworship, Torn Nylons, Upskirt, Assworship, Gloves, Tease And Denial, Blue Balls, Cock Tease, Yoga Pants, Leggings, Bare Feet, Facesitting

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